Why Decorate with the Look of Etched Glass?

Glass – Light - Privacy

Glass will open up a space and let the light shine through. Benefiting from that, while providing privacy, is a common design challenge.

Frosted Glass Designs can achieve any amount of privacy required, without losing the ambient light. Textures and patterns create interesting effects.

Replace window treatments with a work of glass art.

The Look of Etched Glass

The translucent appearance of etched glass defuses light, casts soft shadows, and creates a feeling that other design elements cannot.

Faux Glass Etching is a modern, more cost effective and convenient way to have the look of real etched glass.

Glass doesn’t need to be boring, the creative possibilities are endless.

Transform Plain Glass into Glass Art

Transform Plain Glass into Glass Art

  • We work with Architects, Designers and Home Owners to make glass an impressive design element.
  • Choose a unique design to compliment any decor or design motif, and NuEtch will enhance the space. 

Art for Glass is elegant and functional.

Transform Existing Glass into Glass Art

Keep your Glass – Make it Better

  • A Modern Alternative to frosting glass, done onsite with no mess.
  • Add Custom Designs directly to existing glass, windows and mirrors.
  • Get Privacy without adding glass or window treatments.
  • and… It’s Removable

No need to replace, or add new glass.

Fast Cost Effective way to Decorate Glass

Cost Effective / Fast Turn-around

  • Same look, but less expensive than Sandblasting or Acid Etching
  • Faster process than real etching, can be done in much less time.
  • No down time waiting for new glass.

Most jobs are done Start-to-Finish in less than two weeks!

Enhances Glass While Interacting With Light.

Incorporating the Look Of Etched Glass as a Unique Design Element, enhances a space while Interacting With Light.

NuEtch – Art for Glass is translucent, creating an elegant combination of art and light.
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NuEtch vs Sandblasting

NuEtch designs are precisely cut simulated etch film – not printed decals.

Just like real etching, Only the Design is Frosted, the rest is glass – No clear film.

Every Art for Glass Project is Custom Made – by hand in the USA

Applied to Existing Glass

NuEtch applications can be applied to existing glass, at the location, without the mess and dust of conventional etching.

Our solutions can be applied to any smooth glass or mirror, even tempered glass. They are applied to the interior side of windows, both single and double pane, for longevity.

We use your existing glass or windows, so there is no downtime waiting for new glass to be installed or replaced.

Frosted Art For Glass

NuEtch Frosted Glass Art

NuEtch Art for Glass is a custom fabricated Faux Etch Glass Design made from premium grade simulated etch film. 

Its Durability and Appearance is superior to Decals or Static Cling faux etching.

It has the appropriate frosted look and translucency to simulate real etching. When looked at from an angle, you can even see the “depth shadow” present in real etched glass.

Patterns and Textures

NuEtch Patterns and Textures

Decorative window film adds texture and privacy to glass.

  • Cut glass designs create an interesting effect by faceting light.
  • Stripes add character and semi-privacy
  • Transforms plain glass into the look of expensive textured glass.
  • Add textured accents to plain mirrors and showerdoors.
  • Many exciting patterns and textures available.

Durable yet Removable

NuEtch Durable yet Removable

When cared for properly, our decorative glass solutions can last for 15 years or more.

Our designs have been installed in high traffic areas at Restaurants, Hotels, Hospitals, etc.

However, should you ever wish to change or remove a design, they are removable without damaging the glass.

This is an added benefit for rented space.

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