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Decorating & Privacy Solutions For The Windows

Privacy Without Curtains or Blinds


Large Windows are wonderful for letting in a lot of light, and opening up a room, foyer, or hallway.

The Challenge is how to have some privacy, and keep the upholstery and flooring from fading, while keeping some light and visibility.

Curtains, Drapes and Custom Blinds, are expensive and defeat the purpose of having a window in the first place.

Decorating & Privacy Solutions For Windows
Alternative Window Treatment Solutions For Windows


The Solution, frost the window with a design that will not only add character and compliment the decor, but will provide privacy and defuse the sunlight, reducing the UV rays from sunlight.

NuEtch Art for Glass provides this solution.

We design solutions that provide the desired amount of privacy, and can match any decor, without the need for curtains or blinds. All on your existing window – no glass added.

Let the light still shine in, the way you want.

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